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Der Grüne Kiez (The Green Neighbourhood) is our lively section at Lollapalooza Berlin dedicated to sustainable, earth-friendly commerce and initiatives. It is a place for introducing and experiencing projects and solutions for designing a better society worth living in. Sustainability is an important guiding principle in our society, and it means more than ‘just’ protecting the environment – true sustainability also means taking the economy and social affairs into account.

As an area dedicated to fun and the joy of living, Der Grüne Kiez is the perfect place to get this message across. Visitors to Der Grüne Kiez can learn about sustainable projects, innovations and ideas. This is a place for you to join in, try things out, and have a hand in shaping the future.


Our 2017 slogan – ‘Love & Peace 2.0’

With this year’s motto, we want to take an open and tolerant festival community spirit to the next level: Love & Peace 2.0. Sticking together is more important these days than ever. New challenges shape our society, and equally, it is vital to promote respect and tolerance in everyday life.

Let us spread vibes of love and freedom, and remember at the same time, that they are not a given.

Give away some hugs, kiss a stranger or make time someone you don’t know at all … yet. Stand up for a green and caring society, love and peace at Lollapalooza Berlin! We want to celebrate ‘Love & Peace 2.0’ together with you! We’re looking forward to a great festival experience!

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Speak Up! Be Active! Be Open Minded! Tolerate & Respect! Show Solidarity!

It‘s time to take a stand for Europe, and indeed for the whole world. To create a movement encouraging social cohesion in our society, promoting awareness and tolerance for all cultures, genders, races, religions, sexual orientations, colours and origins. To motivate people to participate in politics and social activities, speaking up for peaceful dialogue, humanism, tolerance and mutual understanding, to make the world a better place for every single individual and for all of us.

We are the creators and distributors of European music and culture, providing music, creativity, art and design to millions of young people every year. Our activities are aimed at bringing people together, and our intentions are to relate fully to our audiences, peacefully and joyfully creating and developing a community through sharing our passion for music and culture.

Take A Stand is a joint initiative by Yourope, the association of European music festivals and its partners. Take A Stand events take place at various music festivals and live music events, addressing music fans on and offline. Take A Stand is a campaign with a mission to keep our society intelligent, open and human. We invite everybody to take action and to join our initiative at this years Der Grüne Kiez!

Learn more and follow Take A Stand: Website | FacebookInstagram

Grüner Kiez Stage – Workshop Lounge

A varied and sustainable programme awaits you at the Workshop Stage! Here at the interactive stage, you’ll find not only interesting projects, but a chance to roll up your sleeves and join in as well. Help shape the activities and make them your own! Activities are led by Neighbourhood Heroes and Green Neighbourhood exhibitors. Be there, join in and let yourself be surprised!


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Action “Print Your LollaShirt”
Reduce, Reuse & Recycle in the Green Neighbourhood

One of our programme highlights from the past two years is back! Whether you have an old shirt you want to use or even just whatever you already have on, our screen printing stations let you immortalise your favourite T-shirt with exclusive Lollapalooza Festival designs. We’ve got various designs to choose from, and our screen print team will be on hand to help you give your shirt a vibrant, new lease on life!



Getting Closer to Nature

There is a lot to discover here: get to know the local flora and fauna, identify tree species and learn which animals can be found in the surrounding area.Our herb garden is all about tasting, smelling and touching. Find out if you’re the chilli, curry or basil type and get new ideas for your own herbal cooking. The inspiration comes straight from the garden to you, along with great wild herb recipes.

You’ll also find the hammock lounge where you can relax and unwind with herbal aromas hanging in the breeze.


Art as a new beginning! RESTART supports refugee artists and allows them to continue to be creative outside their home country. The programme creates a platform that not only recognises the artists’ talent, it gives them a chance to generate income as well.

RESTART artists at the Green Neighbourhood include:


Dani Hasrouni was born in Damascus, Syria in 1991 and has been passionate about creativity and design since childhood. He was particularly fascinated by the way a simple sketch on a white sheet of paper can reflect the artist’s identity. This fascination motivated him to study art at the University of Damascus. While studying, he developed a great enthusiasm for photography. After completing his studies in 2013, he decided to pursue his studies in Germany because of the difficult situation in Syria and has since been studying at the Berlin Weissensee School of Art. He loves the multicultural aspects of Berlin and its incompleteness, which reminds him of Damascus.


Annelisa Leinbach, was born in Kiel in 1994, grew up in the American Southwest and spent a great deal of time outdoors, camping and hiking in nature. The radiant, visual beauty of that region had a profound impact on Annelisa. Nature and vivid colours continue to inspire her to this day. She studied art as well as journalism and politics, and is also very interested in environmental sciences. She came to Berlin to get to know life in another country and because she was very drawn to Berlin’s history, international surroundings and culture. In Berlin, she learned freedom of thought and acquired diverse experiences that enriched her personality.


Manaf Attar, born in 1991 in Damascus, Syria, has been interested in illustration since he was very young. He started studying graphic design in Damascus, but could not graduate because of the difficult conditions in Syria since the Revolution in 2011. He decided to come to Berlin to develop himself as an artist in the “best place on earth for artists and musicians.” He’s been doing well focusing on art as a profession since moving to Berlin.

Anni Dufke was born in Berlin in 1994 and grew up in rural Colombia, and it was there that she discovered her desire to bring Colombia’s imagination to light. She began doing acrylic painting and photography in her school days; after high school, her family moved to Berlin. Anni is now developing her work as an artist in Berlin, through collaborations including work with Manaf Attar.

Vegan / Vegetarian Neighbourhood Garden

Need a little breather? We cordially invite you to our Neighbourhood Garden, our Oasis, where you can relax in the greenery. Creature comforts include a variety of vegan / vegetarian foods that are sure to tempt the taste buds.

Neighbourhood Heroes & Eco-Neighbourhood Market

The real stars of the Green Neighbourhood are the participating NGOs, non-profit associations and initiatives that will once again be on site to introduce themselves with stands and activities. The Neighbourhood Heroes do more than just inform festivalgoers – they interactively engage with them as well.

Lovers of the green lifestyle should be sure to visit this year’s Eco-Neighbourhood Market, a place that brings sustainability-minded merchants, start-ups, institutions and product developers together and puts festivalgoers in touch with green ideas, products and creators. With all the sustainable cosmetics, upcycling accessories and various fairtraide products, there is certainly plenty to rummage.


Our partners at Der Grüne Kiez 2017

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