FAQ Ticket Activation

1. How do I activate my ticket?

That depends on your ticket. After you order, you’ll get an e-mail prompting you to activate it. At that point you can activate it here. Just find your ticket in the options and follow the instructions. You’ll have access to your own account in no time and can manage your ticket from there. Those who went to Lollapalooza last year can just log in, so long as you purchased your ticket with the same e-mail address.

2. I activated my ticket – what do I have to bring to the festival entrance?

On purchasing your festival ticket, you were asked to choose your preferred ticket type. You either hold on to a hard paper ticket or an e-ticket. Simply present your hard paper ticket, which was sent to you in the post, together with a valid ID at the entrance gate. E-tickets from Ticketmaster or TixForGigs were sent to you by email. Print out the PDF file and present it together with a valid ID at the entrance gate. Please note: access to the festival site won’t be granted without a valid ID.

2.1 How can I print my e-ticket?

After your purchase, you received your ticket by email from Ticketmaster or TixForGigs. Print out the PDF file and present it together with a valid ID at the entrance gate.

3. Can I assign all purchased tickets to one email address?

No. After activating your tickets with the buyer’s email address, you have to assign a different email address to each ticket. It will be marked as invalid otherwise.

4. What should I do if I have more than one ticket in the account?

If you bought the tickets for yourself and your friends, they are all in your account. Note: For a visitor to get access to the grounds, the ticket they are holding has to be associated with their name and their own, valid email address. See step 7 for detailed instructions.

5. Which email address do I use to active my ticket?

You have to activate your ticket with the same email address the ticket was purchased with. If a ticket was gifted to you, the ticket buyer should activate the ticket and forward it to you. Go to 7 for instructions.

6. I bought a children’s ticket for my son/daughter. She/he does not have their own e-mail address yet. Does the ticket still have to be activated?

No, children’s tickets do not necessarily need to be activated. There will be a separate family entrance at the festival gates. However, it is important that every child has a ticket and a legal guardian chaperone. For more information, see ‘protection of young persons’.

7. How do I pass the tickets on to someone else?

You can do a ticket transfer online with your account. First, log in.

  • The tab ‘Manage tickets’ will take you to an overview of all your tickets. Tickets marked in green have already been successfully activated.
  • Before you can transfer your ticket to someone else, you have to un-link it from the current name and information.
  • After that, go to ‘Edit owner’ and type in the recipient’s information
  • Once you’ve done that, click the ‘Start forwarding’ button.
  • To complete the transfer, click the ‘Redirect now’ button
  • The person has now received a confirmation e-mail and can accept the ticket and manage it with his or her own account.

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8. Error message “Ticket leider nicht gefunden oder bereits aktiviert” (“Ticket couldn’t be found or has already been activated”)

If this error message pops up, please check your account first to see if your ticket hasn’t been activated already. It is also important that you enter the correct ticket number. The ticket preview indicates which number you have to enter.

9. Does every ticket have to be assigned to another person or is it enough if I manage my ticket plus all of my friends’ tickets myself?

A ticket holder can attend the festival only when he or she has a ticket assigned to his or her own name and information. If you bought the tickets for yourself and the people coming with you, you have to log into your account and transfer the ticket to that person individually. Please note that every e-mail address is good for only one ticket. For more information on how to do the transfer, see point 4.

10. What do I do with my ticket if I cannot attend the festival?

Tickets cannot be returned. If you cannot make it to the festival, you have the option of logging into your account and transferring the ticket to another person (see point 4). It is important that the person gets your ticket (either the original hard-paper ticket or e-ticket).

11. The name on the ticket does not match my name. Can I attend the festival anyway?

Your name needs to be on the ticket. As soon as your ticket is activated in your festival account, download the updated PDF file of your ticket.If you have already printed your ticket, please check whether your name is written on your ticket. Otherwise you cannot enter the festival site with this ticket.

12. How about data protection?

All the data protection information is online here: here.