Lolla Cashless 2017

Top up your wristband | Cashless FAQ | Ticket activation


Lollapalooza Berlin is all about cashless payment this year!

That means long queues at concession stands are history, and thefts will be minimised on top. On location, you can top up your wristbands at our cashless points using a credit or debit card as well as cash. A processing fee of 1 € per top-up process will apply. Topping up your wristband in advance via your personal festival account, is much easier and without additional costs. We’re offering various charging options.

Please note: from our bars to concession the food court and to the merchandise booth, Lollapalooza is entirely cashless.

Cashless FAQ

Cashless payment is a technology that allows you to pay electronically … without having to carry around wads of money. At our festival, we make use of this technology called NFC or RFID which has long and successfully been tested at a variety of events.

With a little help of a chip card (which either comes attached to your festival wristband, attached to your wrist or in the size of a debit card), the amount you have to pay for your purchase will be withdrawn from the bank account you provided us with. You all know this from university, swimming pools, amusement parks, libraries or canteens …


So, how does it work? You simply purchase something by holding your chip close to the chip card reader. It’s fast, safe and error-free!

Why cashless payment?

Everything’s faster that way

Without the inconvenient use of cash cash money, festival-goers as well as staff members will save time. As you don’t need to think about change, it will reduce your waiting time at any festival vendor’s booth. Also, orders will be processed much faster, which will minimise queues everywhere.

It’s 100% accurate

You were shortchanged, out of money, forgot or lost your wallet? Those are all things of the past. Everything’s safe from theft and errors.

Know your balance

You can check your balance via your festival account and at all festival booths.

You have any questions? Don’t hesitate to go to one of our help desks on location. You want you to be in the know about your chip card balance! Everything’s transparent and comprehensible.

Your balance is safe with us

Has your wallet ever been stolen? Then your money was most likely gone. If you lose your chip, simply go to one of our help desks with a valid ID card and let us know. With your activated ticket and your ID card, we can find your chip in our system and block it.

You will receive a new wristband with a new chip, and your stored balance will be transferred back. Unfortunately, we can’t refund any money spent with your chip after you lost it and before you told our help desk staff.

What happens with my remaining balance after the festival?

Please enter your chip number. You find the chip number on the back of your tag or cashcard. You will receive your money back! Starting from 13 September, you can claim your refund via your festival account – free of charge – at

That’s why activating your ticket is essential:

You > your ticket > your money.

All securely connected.