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In its third year, Lollapalooza Berlin, once more, opens its gates to the magnificent, vibrant and colourful world of the Lolla Fun Fair – bigger, higher, further … Discover your still adventurous inner child anew, and experience this dreamy and luminescent utopia full of curiosities!


The good thing about the Lolla Fun Fair: the gates to this wonderful world will be open on both festival days! Everyone will most certainly be able to enjoy all its attractions to the fullest.

We can’t wait to welcome you to the Lolla Fun Fair!


Absolut Lolla

Make your festival Absolut! Come to Absolut Lolla at the Fun Fair: the meeting point for crazy ideas, creativity and boundless imagination. Meet various artists, performers and friends from all over the world and raise a glass when we will be premiering our Absolut Lolla together, the first specially-created Festival Drink. Ingredients? Find out and let’s touch glasses! This is your chance to create memories that last. Make your Lolla #AbsolutLolla.

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LOLLA FUN FAIR: Our 2017 artists

The smell of candyfloss and fresh coffee will catch your attention in front of Nagetusch‘s circus caravan. Just when everyone thought the candyfloss saleswoman and her rough husband were just dragging their rusty relationship from fun fair to fun fair, their story unfolds into a touching performance of acrobatic poetry. The Staatliche Artistenschule Berlin is all about acrobatic highs, too, certainly turning the audience’s world upside down with its unbelievable movements and creativity! And then, you already hear it in the distance: shouting shepherds keeping their herd of steel creatures at bay. The Herde der Maschinenwesen (herd of machine creatures) moves past, buzzing and whirring; a little bit of deceleration, slowness and continuity, inviting you to dwell and ponder.

Yet, suddenly an old friend sets the land of dreams in motion again: the Universal Druckluft Orchester with its unique ensemble of mechanic music apparatuses; whistling the most beautiful melodies; swinging towards the radiant sun along to catchy rhythms. There, in dizzy heights, a mighty colossus rises, the Star of Berlin! Have a seat in one of the Ferris wheel’s swaying gondolas, and take a ride above the world of Lollapalooza. You get a little closer to the sky, and you literally reach the festival’s high point. You’ll see everything from up here including our good friend Baron von Tounix who wants to set a new record hovering above the race tracks in his helium balloon. You can also discover the Ugandan dance troupe Sosolya and their young talents performing traditional African music, dance and plays. Everyone’s invited to participate and run free according to their own rhythm.

Lollapalooza 2016- Samstag

Sounds of trampling hoofs and a tender, increasing neigh will penetrate your ear from time to time; as can be expected in such a location as this. It’s the Horses of Menorca, who bridge the gap between reality and fantasy with their energetic and full-blooded performance. However, we remain in the real world only for a little while, because we’re about to stumble across Juan head over heels. Juan is a fiery Latin dancer looking for the perfect female dance companion. As his piece DANS progresses, you’ll feel more and more uncertain if chaotic Juan actually knows what his feet are doing – prepare to laugh until your cheeks hurt. The good news: nearby the Kirmes – Der Spieler, once again, pitched their camp to take you on a journey from the past to the future. Dive into the colourful world of fun fairs of a century gone by!

With Ju&Me, it’s all about guitars and vocals in a constant circular movement. The clever and enchanting duo doesn’t just get personal and sensual as both are pretty bonkers; they are full of love and swimming against the stream. With Moritz und Das Große Alte Problem, however, it’s less about subtle tunes but drums, brass and megaphones that set the ground in motion. The nine-piece avant-garde marching band from Berlin might never really have learned how to march, but we can promise you this: your feet will never come to rest. The ageing rockstar Sir Bones can’t dance, but he can party all the more. A broken leg now ties him to a wheel chair for a couple of weeks. Moreover, he feels pretty stiff and awkward. His band’s world tour was cancelled, and so he has nothing to do the entire summer. Lucky for us, as he’ll be roaming the Lollapalooza festival site.


The Pigeons and The Ostriches are endlessly curious creatures, investigating everything and everyone they encounter, whether it’s objects – or festival-goers! Make sure to tightly hold on to your Lolla drinks. If you’re boasting one of the artist duo Osadía‘s adventurous hair designs, it’s all the more important to watch out as it’s all about the hair with them! The Transe Express is synonymous with opulence: three gigantic opera singers flying through the air, magically transforming the festival site into an opera house. Their beautiful voices are contrasted by the jerky movements of the toy soldiers, Les Tambours. During sunset, the glittery Vagalume Peace Parade draws audience members of all ages. Let yourself be surrounded by these hypnotic and luminous figures and become part of this sparkly parade.

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