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Since the beginning of Lollapalooza Berlin, sustainability issues have been an integral part of the festival’s DNA alongside music, culture and art. In this charter, we set out Lollapalooza Berlin’s commitments to social justice, climate action, resource efficiency and engagement.
This charter is constantly being maintained, amended and expanded. We welcome feedback and ideas on how we can improve. Contact us at:

In 2022, Lollapalooza Berlin will be the first festival in Germany to start the DIN ISO 20121 certification process for sustainable event management. By implementing a holistic management system, the festival is facing the growing challenges and taking responsibility for the future. Furthermore, Lollapalooza Berlin wants to set contemporary standards and motivate other players in the festival scene to do the same. The International Organization of Standardization (ISO) certificate is internationally recognised and aims to create a standardised sustainability approach for events worldwide. The certification process includes an in-depth assessment of ecological, economic and social aspects in terms of sustainability. The ongoing process is accompanied by independent audits by an external committee.

Certificate ISO 20121






As a festival and as a team, we actively promote a culture of diversity, inclusion, and accessibility. We strive to offer a diverse and inclusive entertainment programme, ranging from music to acrobats to exhibitors from all walks of life. At the same time, we offer the opportunity to raise awareness of social issues around diversity and inclusion in our experience zones. 
We do not tolerate any form of racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism, ageism, antisemitism or intersectional discrimination. Discriminatory words or actions have no place at Lollapalooza Festival and will result in a ban from the festival if reported.

We celebrate differences and firmly believe that there is strength in diversity. We welcome all people equally – on, behind and in front of the stage. All Lollapalooza staff receive mandatory training on diversity issues.
The grounds of Lollapalooza Berlin should be a safe place for all BIPoCs and people with intersectional and neurodivergent characteristics. In order to guarantee our guests comprehensive protection during the festival, you can always ask for help and give us feedback at the clearly visible info points. 

Festivals bring together music fans from diverse backgrounds and all walks of life. At Lollapalooza Berlin we are committed to doing everything in our power to ensure and promote a culture of inclusion and accessibility for all. Our goal is to provide accessible infrastructure and services, and to continuously improve them in a way that respects the needs of all and excludes no one. 
Together with social initiatives that promote accessibility in public spaces, we enable cultural participation. This includes a special entrance for people with disabilities and barrier-free facilities on the site to ensure a safe, respectful and accessible festival experience for all. We employ a dedicated team on site to assist attendees with limited mobility, hearing and/or sight on request.
Feel free to contact our team in advance so that we can ensure that all individual needs are catered for in our planning.  A contact address will be provided here before the festival.

Together with social initiatives that promote accessibility in public spaces, we enable cultural participation. This includes a special entrance for people with disabilities and barrier-free facilities on the site to ensure a safe, respectful and accessible festival experience for all. We employ a dedicated team on site to assist attendees with limited mobility, hearing and/or sight on request.

Feel free to contact our team in advance so that we can ensure that all individual needs are catered for in our planning.  A contact address will be provided here before the festival.

We are aware that there is a gender imbalance in the artists performing at Lollapalooza Berlin. The same or an even greater imbalance exists in our own fields of work. 
In particular, production fields, such as stage management, the stage crew and the set-up and dismantling crew, are male dominated. We continually review the gender balance within our team and are committed to actively recruiting and hiring female-identifying and non-binary staff to counteract this imbalance.  

Lollapalooza Berlin works with trained awareness staff to ensure the safety of all. Our main focus is on the welfare and rights of children, young people and vulnerable adults. As a festival, it is our duty to protect visitors* and staff from abuse, harassment, neglect and all forms of discrimination. Regardless of age, disability, gender, color, domestic situation, religion, belief or sexual orientation. 
As a team, we strive to provide a comprehensive protection and awareness service around the clock so that any support or treatment needed can be offered as quickly as possible on the festival site. Our awareness team is on duty around the clock during the festival and can be contacted by all visitors at any time.


Lollapalooza Berlin is part of Green Nation. As described in the Green Nation Sustainability Charter, we have a responsibility to preserve the live music experience for future generations. 
We are aware of the impact of our business on the environment and accordingly are committed in particular to taking urgent climate action. Our main areas of impact are to regulate the mobility behaviour of crew and attendees in an environmentally friendly way, to save energy in all areas, and to conserve natural resources such as water and wood. In addition, we are seeking to use our waste management to create a circular economy in which food and beverages also play a primary role.
All environmental impacts of the festival will be assessed in terms of their impact on and contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals- SDGs.

In 2019, we started measuring our CO₂ footprint to understand our environmental impact, set reduction targets and track our progress towards these targets. 

In 2022, for example, we teamed up with the Berliner Hochschule für Technik (BHT) to collect and analyze data such as the mobility behavior of visitors and to develop additional sustainability goals. The research results of the field study can be viewed here.
We continue to collect and analyse data on an ongoing basis to understand our impact on the climate and take appropriate action effectively.

Our goal is to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by at least 50% by 2025 compared to 2019. To achieve our goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2030, we reserve the right to implement local offset measures. We will review our progress annually using on a science-based approach. Feel free to contact us!

The energy we consume contributes heavily to the greenhouse gas emissions of Lollapalooza Berlin. In partnership with Olympiastadion Berlin, our strategy is to continuously reduce our energy consumption and, based on the climate action policy of the Senate of Berlin, to replace our energy sources with renewables.
A big contributor to our greenhouse gas emissions on site to date has been fuel consumption and the use of inefficient light sources.

We have several ways of reducing these emissions:  

  • Lollapalooza Berlin connects several large areas of the festival to the municipal power grid and draws electricity through the photovoltaic system from the roof of Olympiastadion Berlin. This reduces our need for generators.
  • We monitor energy consumption to look for ways to reduce the size of the generators and excessive fuel consumption even further.
  • We are striving over time to find more climate-friendly solutions that will have an even more effective impact.
  • Starting in 2022, all light masts used at the event were replaced with LED technology.
  • To further reduce energy consumption, we require the use of LED lights and that exhibitors plan for efficient energy distribution on site.

We recommend and promote environmentally friendly travel options for getting to the Lollapalooza Berlin festival. 
Due to the central location of Lollapalooza Berlin, we recommend that all attendees arrive either by public transport or by bicycle. All cyclists are invited to use our free bicycle parking. 
We do not offer car parking, with the exception of a car park for people with disabilities who register before the event.  
Lollapalooza Berlin has reduced the use of vehicles to the bare minimum, of which 50% is to be electric by 2030. Electric golf carts are used throughout the site, and we encourage all staff and crew to use bicycles as well as cargo bikes, which we provide whenever possible. 
When selecting suppliers, we make sure that they are situated as locally as possible so as to avoid long transport routes. This year, we are compiling a comprehensive monitoring system to further reduce our logistics-related greenhouse gas emissions.


We are committed to implementing a closed-loop waste management system at Lollapalooza Berlin and to supporting the development of a circular economy.  We strive for zero-waste management, as waste prevention is the top priority in our waste hierarchy. The reuse of valuable materials through recycling as well as the correct disposal of organic waste for energy recovery is carried out by our service provider Berlin Recycling. Separate disposal options are provided for special waste such as e-waste, cigarette butts and cooking oil.
We are responsible for the conservation of natural resources used in the production of our events. We are committed to applying the circular economy system as far as possible, and are focused in particular on reuse and recycling. We integrate the principles of circular design into our site planning to minimise waste from the outset. 
Traditionally, the Lollapalooza Berlin creative team reuses and repurposes equipment and décor (banners, seating, display boards, etc.) every year instead of buying new

To reduce the impact of plastic pollution on the environment, Lollapalooza Berlin does not sell single-use plastic. This includes sample containers, cutlery, plates, cups, bottles, serving bowls, bags, stirrers and straws. We follow a procurement policy that prioritises the following:  

  • Reuse over single-use
  • Renewable and inexhaustible resources  

We provide water refill stations throughout the site and encourage attendees, staff and artists to use reusable bottles. Guests are asked to bring their own 0.5l max. bottle to the festival. 

In addition, all festival caterers and partners are obliged to comply with sustainability guidelines set by the festival. 

Lollapalooza Berlin is committed to ensuring good access to quality drinking water, reusing grey water where possible and reducing water waste. 

Lollapalooza Berlin obtains all of its water from hydrants on site. This means that there are none of the emissions normally caused by transporting water with vehicles. 

Collected rainwater is used to irrigate the grass surfaces for the Olympiastadion. In addition, low-flow toilets and taps with automatic shut-off are used to conserve water.

We require our food suppliers and caterers to comply with sustainability standards when sourcing food. 

We are committed to raising awareness of the CO₂ footprint of food. That is why we implemented a food CO₂ footprint rating system to provide transparency and help the public make informed, climate-friendly choices. 

We work closely with our food suppliers to offer a wide range of healthy and high-quality food.  

Starting in 2022, the food stalls in the “Grüne Kiez” zone will offer exclusively vegan dishes. Vegetarian and vegan food is also an essential part of the catering offering at Lollapalooza Berlin and will be available throughout the festival site.  Every food stall is required to offer at least one vegan or vegetarian option.

We are committed to at least three vegetarian and vegan days per week in crew catering to reduce our ecological footprint. In crew catering, we provide information about the origin of the food used and focus our catering on seasonality, regionality and sustainability. 


We are committed to championing environmental and social issues with our attendees, staff and artists and to working with local and national initiatives and organisations. We provide a platform for campaign groups throughout the festival site. At the Grüne Kiez you will not only find various actions around environmental and climate protection, but also initiatives that stand up for the social justice of our society. This is also a very special concern for us on the other stages, like at Fashionpalooza. 

current collaborations will be announced on our website before the festival.