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The festival grounds are open on Saturday from 10:00 am to 1:00 am and on Sunday from 10:00 am to midnight.

Lollapalooza Berlin does not have a campsite. 

To get onto the festival site as quickly as possible, it is better to leave your bags at home. If you have a bag with you, please fill it only with essentials and light items. This will help us to keep waiting times short for everyone. Due to security measures at the entrance, only these bags are allowed:

  • Bum packs / hip bags
  •       Gym bags
  •       Jute bags

Backpacks and large bags are not allowed (bags larger than A4 size are not permitted).

Families with children’s tickets please use our KIDS & FAMILY entrance. You may bring one backpack or bag and one buggy per child. Due to the thorough checks, longer waiting times are possible. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

You can bring: 

  •       Bum packs, hip bags, jute bags, gym bags (up to DIN A4 size)
  •       Buggies – only at the KIDS & FAMILY entrance  
  •       One bag per child – only at the KIDS & FAMILY entrance  
  •       Rain ponchos  
  •       Keychains 
  •       Simple compact cameras without lenses, disposable cameras, pocket cameras 
  •       Mobile phones  
  •       Small power banks
  •       Wallets / purses
  •       Blankets
  •       Sealed sunscreen up to 100ml  
  •       Sealed disinfectants up to 50ml 
  •       Cigarettes, e-cigarettes & vapes for personal use only 
  •       Deodorant – no spray deodorant, only deodorant sticks or roll-ons in plastic packaging.  
  •       Empty collapsible drinking bottles
  •      Medication or medical equipment – please contact in advance.

There are free drinking water taps on the festival site. 

Please leave these things at home:  

  •      Backpacks, bags larger than DIN A4
  •      Professional camera and sound recording equipment, tripods, lenses or other camera paraphernalia
  •      GoPros, drones and selfie sticks
  •      Glass containers (including perfume bottles), hard packaging
  •       Canisters / cans, disposable or reusable PET bottles (e.g. soft drinks, mineral water, etc.), cups, hydration packs or bags larger than A4 size
  •       Deodorant spray, hair spray, pepper spray, animal repellent sprays, CS spray, sprays (including perfume)
  •       Flammable liquids
  •       Fireworks, flame torches, sparklers and other pyrotechnic items of any kind (including flares)
  •       Chains of any kind
  •       Bulky items of any kind, such as ladders, chairs, hammocks, tents, flagpoles, stick umbrellas, camping equipment, banners and selfie sticks.
  •       Your own food – there will be enough culinary options for allergy sufferers
  •       Large cooler bags and other large containers
  •       Firearms, weapons, cutting and stabbing weapons, pistols, ammunition belts; any dangerous objects (pointed, sharp, hot etc.)
  •       Intoxicants, drugs and illegal substances of any kind
  •       Laser pointers
  •       Bugles, horns, drums, vuvuzelas, etc. for generating noise.
  •       Loudspeakers of any kind
  •       Megaphones
  •       Food
  •       Radios, two-way radios, etc.
  •       Skateboards, inline skates, roller skates, motorised scooters
  •       Scooters and bicycles – there is a separate space for them in front of entrance A
  •       Chairs or other furniture
  •       Leaflets, flyers, stickers, etc.
  •       Marker pens, permanent markers or similar.
  •       Animals
  •       Notebooks, tablets, computers
  •       Helmets, disguises and masks (with the exception of commercially available face masks as a hygiene measure).
  •       Props or costume parts which glorify violence (e.g. weapons) or which may pose a danger.
  • Text, images or other materials with discriminatory, contemptuous, obscene, pornographic and/or racist content or which are indicative of violations of third-party personality rights

Have you lost something at the festival? Please contact the Zentrale Fundbüro (Central Lost and Found Office) Berlin, Platz der Luftbrücke 6, 12101 Berlin. More information about opening hours and directions can be found HERE.

You are not allowed to bring food to the festival. At Lollapalooza Berlin, everyone will find many options no matter if you are vegetarian, vegan or have allergies.

We would like to make Lollapalooza Berlin as accessible and barrier-free as possible. In order to be able to meet this objective in the best possible way, we ask everyone who would like to use our barrier-free facilities (barrier-free quiet room, medication fridge, viewing platforms, special toilets) to register with us before the festival so that we can fully guarantee the service.

Further details and the registration form will follow in spring 2023.

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding a “barrier-free festival”, please feel free to contact us at Suggestions are always welcome.

Tickets for wheelchair users and the severely disabled with carers are available from Ticketmaster customer service. You can reach customer service daily between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. by calling +49 (0)30 – 40818824.

Information to follow. Please check back in time for updates before the festival. There is a free cloakroom service for VIP guests. However, please note the permitted bag sizes here as well! Backpacks and large bags (as a guide: larger than DIN A4 format) are not permitted.

There are drinking water stations on the site. You are welcome to get fresh drinking water here free of charge. You can find the locations on the site map in the app and on our website.

Photography for private use is permitted. Only compact cameras without lenses and mobile phones with a camera function are permitted on the site. Recordings of any kind are prohibited without the explicit permission of the organiser(s)/artist(s).

Crowdsurfing, stage-diving, pogoing and climbing onto the stage and trusses is prohibited. Violations may lead to exclusion from the event.

  • Earplugs/noise protection
  • Smoking
  • Environment
  • Animals

At concerts, there may be a risk of possible hearing and health damage due to the volume. We recommend the use of earplugs. We especially advise parents to ensure noise protection for their little ones, e.g. by bringing special ear defenders.

Smoking is not permitted in the stadium! Smoking is permitted in the outdoor area around the stadium. Please ensure that cigarettes are properly disposed of using the rubbish bins provided.

We also ask you to refrain from smoking at Kidzapalooza.

Please keep the environment clean and use the available waste bins. Thank you!

If you would like to find out more about this and/or other issues relating to the environment and sustainability at Lollapalooza, you can find the link to our charter here !

Bringing dogs and other animals is prohibited.


We have been at the Olympiastadion and Olympiapark Berlin since 2018 and will be there again in 2023.

Address: Olympischer Platz 3, 14053 Berlin.

Please note: There will be no official parking spaces for cars. Initial information on how to arrive by public transport can be found here.


Since there has been an increasing number of counterfeit tickets in circulation in recent years, and tickets have been sold on the black market at inflated prices, we are operating with personalised tickets. In addition, you can manage your ticket conveniently in your Ticketmaster account.

We will inform you about ticket activation in due time.

To make sure you don’t miss any news, you can subscribe to our newsletter HERE. 

Mobile tickets are tickets that are directly linked to your Ticketmaster account.
The tickets will be available via your Ticketmaster account a few days before the festival. Ticket transfers can also be done from the start of the pre-sale without seeing the ticket.
It will not be possible to access tickets before this time or to receive them in another form (eTicket or print ticket). Only mobile tickets are available for the festival.
At Lollapalooza Berlin, your smartphone is your ticket: simply log into your Ticketmaster account with your smartphone and show the barcodes at the entrance to Lollapalooza Berlin so they can be scanned.

If you have bought tickets for several people, you will first find them all in your Ticketmaster account. In order for each festival attendee to access the festival site, each ticket for each individual person must be forwarded to them via ticket transfer.

You can easily transfer tickets to friends. To do so, log in to your Ticketmaster account, click on the order number and then use the ticket transfer button next to your tickets.

Ticket transfers can also be done from the start of the pre-sale without seeing the ticket.

  1. Log in to your Ticketmaster account.
  2. Select the ticket you want to transfer.
  3. Enter the name and email address of the friend.
  4. The person accepts the ticket transfer by email. 
  5. If the transfer was successful, the ticket will be visible in the person’s Ticketmaster account.

Tickets for wheelchair users and the severely disabled with carers are available from Ticketmaster customer service. You can reach customer service daily between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. by calling +49 (0)30 – 40818824

If baby or kid tickets are sold out, a ticket for the higher age category can be purchased.

For those in possession of a VIP ticket who would like to take children with them into the corresponding areas, the following applies: Children up to and including 15 years of age may enter this area with a kids or teen ticket.

 Children over the age of 16 need their own VIP ticket.

Unfortunately not. Infants aged 0-2 years still need a valid baby ticket to be admitted to the festival. These can be acquired free of charge here. If the baby tickets are sold out, a free kids tickets can be ordered for your baby instead.


This means long queues are a thing of the past and we can prevent theft. You can top up your online credit on your festival wristband in advance or choose from various voucher options. Topping up your credit before the festival in a relaxed way and without additional costs will be possible from the summer in your personal festival account. You can pay here with a credit card or via Paypal. On the festival site, you can top up your credit at our cashless stations with Paypal, credit and EC cards, or with cash or online.

We will inform you by email as soon as you can top up your festival credit.

Please note: Cashless payment applies to the entire festival site, including our bars, the food court, the merch stand and all other sales stands.

We want you to have a relaxed festival experience and will be cashless again this year. Cash is not always the fastest means of payment at stands: from counting coins to waiting for change, it costs both festival attendees and staff time.

All wristbands for adults and teens have a chip for topping up credit. This allows orders to be processed much faster.

Our cashless system uses tried and tested technology that has been employed in all kinds of scenarios for years: NFC, better known as RFID

Using a small chip card on the festival wristband, the amount is deducted from the associated credit account when a payment is made.

In practice, it looks like this: you want to buy something, hold the chip card up to the reader at the checkout and the purchase is debited quickly, securely and error-free.

  • Everything is much faster
  • You always have the complete picture: you can check your current credit balance at any time via your festival account or at any ticket office. If you have any questions, you can also contact our on-site helpdesks (see site map at the festival and in the app). Everything is fully transparent and easy to understand.
  • Your funds are safe: have you ever had your wallet stolen? The money is most likely lost. If, on the other hand, you lose your chip, take your ID card and go immediately to the helpdesk and report the loss. Using your ticket activation and your ID card, we can find the lost chip in the system and have it blocked immediately. You will be issued with a new wristband and a new chip and the credit noted in the loss report will be credited to you.
  • Please note: If purchases were made with the chip in the time between the loss of the wristband and the report to the helpdesk, this money has unfortunately already been spent and cannot be refunded by us. 

That’s why ticket activation is so important: you > your ticket > your credit. Everything is securely connected.

You can easily have your remaining credit returned to you for one week after the last day of the festival.

We will provide more information about cashless in time for the festival. Don’t miss any news and sign up for the newsletter HERE.

Once you have had your remaining credit returned to you or have donated it after the festival, you can dispose of your chip or chip card. Chip and wristband must be disposed of separately. Please remove your chip from the wristband. The wristband, including the fastener, is residual waste and belongs in the (black) residual waste bin. The chip is e-waste and you must dispose of it separately at a shop (electronics store, DIY store or discount store) or a recycling centre. You can find a selection of return options in your area on Plan E


Paramedics will be on duty on the festival site to take care of you in case of emergency. Please look out for the first-aid tents on the festival site and for the corresponding direction system and signs. The exact location is marked on the site plan. If you need help, please contact the nearest steward/security!

If you are diabetic, please bring enough insulin and make sure you eat the right food at the catering stands. We recommend that you notify the accessibility team in advance if you wish to bring your medication and that you use the barrier-free entrance so that you can check in without any problems. Please contact in advance.

Medical emergencies

In case of a medical emergency, you can call 112 or contact the nearest steward. If it is a medical emergency, the paramedics on site will be alerted in parallel. If something seems strange, please do not hesitate to report it, even if you are not sure if it is really an emergency.  

If you call 112 or report something to the paramedics, be prepared to answer the following questions:  

  1. Where is the patient located? 
  2. What has happened? 
  3. How many injured? 
  4. What injuries? 
  5. Who is reporting (your name is sufficient – 112 gets the number automatically and cannot be suppressed!)? 
  6. Wait for further questions! 


Even without medical training, you can then also provide help yourself:  

  1. Consider your own safety before helping others. If there is no danger to you – start giving first aid. Reassure – care: Injured people are usually scared and need reassurance that help is on the way. 
  2. Ask other people to support you and, if necessary, to brief the emergency services – an ambulance or team of paramedics is on its way to you on foot. 
  3. Create a visual screen so that the injured person does not feel observed by strangers. This is important for many injured people. 

In order to make your visit to the festival a pleasant experience with lasting memories, we ask all festival attendees for tolerance, consideration, civil courage and help in emergencies. Everyone should make a personal contribution to this, because nothing is more important than the safety and security of festival attendees. For this reason, the organiser and their authorised third parties have domiciliary rights for the entire festival. The instructions of the organiser’s security staff must be followed at all times.

Anyone wearing clothing with an inhumane, homophobic or right-wing extremist theme will not be admitted to the site and will not receive a refund on their ticket. Anyone who attracts attention on the site due to the above-mentioned statements or


With bright blue skies and sunshine, it’s easy to forget a few essentials:

Please always drink enough water to avoid dehydration. This applies to both day and nighttime. Free drinking water is available on the festival site.

Apply high factor sun protection to your skin.

If the sun is too intense, wear a sun hat or head covering and light clothing that covers your skin.



Wellies, rain jackets or ponchos belong in every festival bag.

Storms & thunderstorms

Please follow the instructions of the organiser and the stewards in case of a storm or bad weather!

What to do in a thunderstorm

Please seek sheltered areas during a thunderstorm. Please look out for each other and support each other!

Avoid trees & branches 

Please keep your distance from trees and wooded areas: lightning can strike trees, branches can break off, fall down and cause injuries.  


Avoid high areas and look for depressions in the ground

If you do not manage to find shelter in time, then remember the following:  

avoid elevations or the highest points in the area: lightning always seeks the highest point in the area. 

If possible, find a hollow or depression in the ground and squat with your feet together.


Structures on the site

Avoid proximity to any structures, such as lighting poles, info towers, etc. on the festival site. We of course comply with all safety regulations, and all structures have been approved by the relevant authorities, but there is always a residual risk. This also applies to large tents where we offer various services: in case of storms and thunderstorms, we ask you to vacate these immediately, especially as they are usually the first things to close.

Metal pipes, fences and co.

Please avoid all forms of metal pipes and fences during thunderstorms.

As beautiful as campfire romance may be, open fires are prohibited throughout the festival site. A dry climate and flying sparks can cause an uncontrolled blaze to break out very quickly.  

If you notice an open fire, such as a campfire, please report it to the stewards.  

Should an uncontrolled fire break out, please consider your own safety first, remain calm and act decisively.  

When you report a fire to 112 or to the stewards, please be prepared to answer the following questions:  

Where is the fire? 

What is burning? 

Are there any injured? If so, how many? 

What are the injuries? 

Who is reporting the fire? 

Wait for further questions!

In the event of extreme weather conditions, we reserve the right to evacuate the festival site or open it late for safety reasons. If such a situation should occur, it is crucial that you:   

  1. Follow the instructions and information given by the organisers and those of the stewards and helpers.
  2. Consider your own safety, keep calm and act decisively
  3. Look after those around you and other festival attendees: Look out for and support each other
  4. Locate the nearest (emergency) exits indicated by the security staff when the area is evacuated
  5. Keep up to date via our official information and social media channels, as well as via the stewards

Children and young people aged between 0 and 16 years may only attend the event if accompanied by a parent/guardian or by a person acting with parental authority, and both are in possession of a valid admission ticket. For young people aged over 16 years, admission to the event when unaccompanied by a parent/guardian or person acting with parental authority is permitted until midnight. The corresponding written parental consent/authorisation must be presented upon entry.

To qualify as a “person acting with parental authority” requires that:

The person is of legal age and demonstrates the necessary maturity to responsibly provide the necessary support to a child at the event.

The person may present authorisation from a parent/guardian stating that the person is acting with the consent of the parent/guardian, and a copy of the parent/guardian’s identity card must also be presented together with the authorisation.

The person can ensure the child gets home safely.


To protect children, we are entitled to deny children admission to the event if, in our opinion, their protection is not sufficiently guaranteed by their parents or persons acting with parental authority. In this context, please note the following: Rock/pop events are generally aimed at adults and are not suitable events for children. Should parents or persons acting with parental authority nevertheless wish to attend such events together with children, they are responsible for the safety of the children.  In particular, appropriate hearing protection must be provided.